About us


What started as a dream, is now a small reality. Murci was founded by Olivia Prince, a fashion graduate of MMU. Having a love for high-end catwalk fashion, Olivia dreamed of launching her own brand focusing on high-end looking pieces at low-end prices.


Fashion is our core. If you look good you feel good. At Murci we provide style with class, affordability with luxury and inspiration with originality. We aim to create a brand that inspires, fills you with confidence, and is created with a quality that lives in your closet forever.


Being a small brand, we have time for the little things, and we always have time for your comments and questions. Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority, your opinion matters to us!


Davina Hewitt - Head Of Design
'Working at Murci is a breath of fresh air, Olivia gives us a lot of creative freedom & we work great as a team. Murci is always so on trend so we are constantly having to evolve which is challenging but fulfilling!'

'My Role is Head Of Design, meaning I design all of our fab prints & shapes'

'Words I live by - never stop asking why'

Billy Brayshaw - Marketing Manager
'Working with such a small team means there is a lot of room for creativity, Murci is such a fun brand which is always evolving, so we are constantly on our toes and coming up with new ideas which is so fun.'

'My Role is Marketing Manager, which means I am in charge of all the social media & marketing aspects of the company'

'words I live by - Life's purpose is not given, it's created'

This is just beginning